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                                           CONTACT INFORMATION
Questions concerning STREAM information should be directed to:
Dan Williams (Stream Manager)    1-724-329-5314   Email:
    Mailing Address:

           Beaver Creek Anglers, Inc.
           P.O. Box 53
           Farmington, PA.  15437

    STREAM RESERVATIONS                   

               Reservations are required for the following:
                 * Coupon Holders
                 * Daily Fishermen
                 * Groups comprised of 4 or more fishermen

                * Daily Stream Conditions
                * Fly Recommendations
                * Fly Fishing Equipment Rentals, Flies for sale
                * Needed Assistance to fishermen while on the stream


              * Coupon Book Sales

             * Daily or Seasonal Rates based upon Pass Type

                        * Billing and Payments