Rates & Reservations
Beaver Creek Anglers offers numerous opportunities for individuals and groups to enjoy our premier Pennsylvania trout stream.

Daily Rate
Our daily rate is $100 per angler and after 2PM the rate drops to $75 per angler.

Coupon Book
We offer a coupon book for $375 that includes five passes which translates to a reduced daily rate of $75.

Season Passes
Season passes are available and run from January 1st through December 31st.

Type Season Pass            Cost              Description   

        Individual                                  $975                Designed for use by a single person
        Family                                        $1,150               Designed for a husband, wife & children living at home through college age.
        Member/Guest                       $1,275              Designed for individual and one guest
        Member/Guest/Family       $1,450              Designed for a family and one guest

Reservations can be made via the stream manager, Daryl Bassett at 724-329-5314 or email us. Advance notice is required, as we like to limit the number of anglers on the stream for the best possible fishing experience.

Beaver Creek Angler Clothing Available for Sale:
           Sweatshirts                          $25.00
           Suede Brimmed Hats        $15.00
           Cotton Hats                          $10.00
           Pack & Go Rain Jackets   $30.00
All available in various sizes